Applications are open until 20th of June, 23:00 CEST


Have you ever thought you would like to change the education in Europe? 

Do you want to feel heard as a student? 

Would you like to actively participate in improving the education for you and for students all over Europe?


You are in luck! We have the perfect opportunity for you, this September all paths lead to Ljubljana. BEST Symposia on Education, is an event where you can raise your voice and actually be heard. Come meet and share your experiences and thoughts with other students just like you that also want to make a difference. Learn more about the view of education of STEM students all over Europe. Be part of change and improvement in the education system for you and the future generations. 


This year’s topic is Asynchronous Education. With the pandemic, everything needed to be adapted, including the learning methods. This term means learning that does not occur in the same place or at the same time. The outcomes of this event will be shared in some of Europe’s largest conferences like – SEFI AC, WEEF, ICL.

Online learning came with some challenges and opportunities for all of us, so let’s talk about it!


Come visit Ljubljana, the most beautiful city of Slovenia, recognised as the European Green Capital 2016. Experience its rich culture and learn about its impressive history while going to Ljubljana Castle and taking a stroll by the Ljubljanica river. Admire the wonderful architecture of the old city center, and of course, while there, try authentic Slovenian cuisine, guaranteed to be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.


We promise your voice will be valued, impact will be achieved and you will spend 9 memorable days with us.

Your ideas can improve the education system of all STEM students in one whole continent, trust us – you don’t want to miss this opportunity.